Ryanair Controversy: New Mandatory Fee for Digital Boarding Pass Sparks Outrage

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.10 - 2023 10:16 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
New Mandatory Fee for Digital Boarding Pass Sparks Outrage.

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Ryanair is facing a new controversy. Passengers are now required to pay an additional fee, even when opting for a random seat, in order to obtain their digital boarding pass.

Previously known for its additional charges, particularly for baggage, Ryanair has now introduced a mandatory fee for adding a random seat to receive a digital boarding pass, causing irritation among travelers. This new measure can cost up to 24.50 euros, as reported by the British media, Daily Mail.

Many customers, like Vivien Lovrin who booked a flight from London to Germany last Thursday, were taken aback by this extra charge.

Lovrin had chosen not to pay extra for a reserved seat, opting for a random placement instead. However, after filling in her details, Ryanair sent a message stating, "Check-in is complete! Get your boarding pass now and avoid queuing at the airport by adding a seat."

This means that whether seats are randomly assigned or reserved, fees will be incurred. The only way to avoid this is to obtain a paper boarding pass and face long queues at the airport.

Numerous travelers have complained on social media about this policy, criticizing it as a waste of time and money and highlighting its negative environmental impact. One comment read,

"It's excellent for the environment and another opportunity for passengers to pay more to travel. A new low for Ryanair. Absolutely shameful."

However, Ryanair has not dwelled on these allegations, stating that passengers still have the choice to reserve a seat for a fee or opt for a random seat assignment at no cost, contradicting the numerous complaints on social media.

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