Sadhguru issues distressing warning about future of world

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.11 - 2023 1:35 PM CET


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Sadhguru, the renowned spiritual leader and environmental campaigner, issued a dire warning about the future of our planet at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai. He emphasized the critical role of soil revitalization in combating climate change and averting worldwide hunger.

According to Sadhguru, the founder of the Save Soil movement, "There is nothing better than a green leaf," highlighting the importance of adding greenery to the planet. He stressed that revitalizing land, particularly unproductive and ploughed land, can significantly address many climate issues.

This approach is crucial, considering that even previously beneficial areas like the Brazilian rainforest are now contributors to carbon dioxide emissions due to significant damage.

Potential of Agricultural Lands

Save Soil's recent analysis reveals that agricultural lands alone could sequester up to 27 percent of the carbon needed to prevent global temperatures from rising by two degrees—a critical threshold for avoiding long-term adverse effects on humanity and the environment.

Sadhguru pointed out the dire consequences of current farming practices on soil health. He warned that if current trends continue, we could see a drastic reduction in food production within a few decades, just as the global population approaches 10 billion.

He criticized the lack of effort in replenishing the organic content taken from the soil, predicting that such farming practices could render land infertile within 50 years.

The declining organic content in soil not only affects its ability to sustain plant life but also its capacity to hold carbon. Intensive farming practices, such as overcultivation, are depleting the soil's organic matter, exacerbating the problem of carbon release into the atmosphere.

While there is academic disagreement about the extent to which soil can sequester carbon, Sadhguru argued that many studies underestimate the power of green leaves in carbon sequestration.

He suggested that farmlands with diverse crop types and indigenous species could naturally build up organic content, countering some of the criticisms.

Recommendations for American Farmers

Sadhguru proposed several measures to improve soil health and mitigate climate change. These include mandating a minimum of 3 percent organic content in soil, offering financial incentives to farmers, and issuing carbon credits based on the carbon sequestration capacity of farms.

Sadhguru highlighted the success of his advocated farming techniques in India, where about 200,000 farmers have adopted these practices, resulting in significant increases in their incomes.

Sadhguru's message at COP28 underscores the urgent need for global action towards soil revitalization. By focusing on this foundational life source, he believes we can make a substantial impact on climate change and ensure the sustainability of our planet for future generations.