Succes for Zelenskyj: Ukrainian forces successfully flush out Russian troops in disputed battleground

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.20 - 2023 9:35 AM CET


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Ukrainian troops from the 3rd Assault Brigade successfully flushed out Russian soldiers from the village of Andriivka.

The intense operation involved a 'fire sweep' of the devastated houses in the area, with troops meticulously moving from house to house. The primary objective was to eliminate any remaining Russian forces and secure ammunition dumps left behind.

Andriivka, located south of Bakhmut City, had earlier fallen into Ukrainian hands.

The footage recently released, although captured around the time of Andriivka's initial capture, illustrates the methodical and intense nature of urban warfare faced by Ukrainian forces. It shows soldiers navigating through the rubbles of buildings, ensuring no Russian soldiers remain hidden.

While Kyiv has its sights set on reclaiming Bakhmut, progress has been gradual. The ongoing conflict and the approach of winter are likely to slow down the operations further. Military strategists anticipate a pause in the offensive during the colder months, with plans to resume more vigorously in the coming year.

For a closer look at the operation and the current situation in Andriivka, viewers can watch the recently released video showcasing the Ukrainian brigade in action.

Watch Ukrainian soldiers in fierce battle with Russian soldiers here:

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