The Pivotal Super Tuesday: Shaping the 2024 Presidential Race

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.05 - 2024 6:51 PM CET

Who Will Emerge as Front-Runner?

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Super Tuesday is a pivotal moment in the American presidential primary process, taking place today, March 5th. It's the day when the largest number of U.S. states hold their primaries and caucuses, making it a critical juncture for candidates in the race for their party's nomination. This year, fifteen states including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia, along with the territory of American Samoa, are participating.

The event also encompasses the results of the Democratic caucuses in Iowa, which are conducted via mail-in ballot​​.

Super Tuesday dates back to at least 1976, with its current form emerging around 1988 when Southern Democrats moved their primaries to early in the election cycle. This strategic shift aimed to increase their influence in selecting a candidate capable of winning the South, a crucial region in general elections​​. The significance of Super Tuesday lies in the large number of delegates at stake—about a third of the total for each party. A strong performance can boost a candidate's momentum and fundraising efforts, while a poor showing often leads to campaign withdrawals​​.

Super Tuesday Particularly Noteworthy for the Republican Primary

This year, Super Tuesday is particularly noteworthy for the Republican primary, with former President Donald Trump expected to consolidate his lead. Nikki Haley remains his sole significant challenger, having recently secured a win in Washington, D.C. On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden faces minimal opposition as he seeks re-election, with the contest largely seen as procedural​​​​.

In addition to presidential primaries, Super Tuesday features "down-ballot" races for the Senate, House of Representatives, state legislatures, and various local positions, including prosecutors and school board members​​. One of the most closely watched races is in California, where voters will choose candidates to fill a Senate seat long held by Dianne Feinstein​​.

Overall, Super Tuesday is a crucial event that can significantly shape the outcome of the presidential primaries, providing a clear indication of the leading contenders for the party nominations​​​​​​.

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