U.S. Accuses Russia of Unwillingness to Halt Ukraine War

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.10 - 2024 9:36 AM CET

Photo: murathakanart / Shutterstock.com
Photo: murathakanart / Shutterstock.com
U.S. diplomat condemns Russia's inaction on peace, highlighting the heavy toll on Ukrainian children at OSCE meeting.

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During a recent OSCE Permanent Council meeting in Vienna, U.S. Charge d'Affaires, a.i. Katherine Brucker delivered a powerful message: Russia has the capability to stop its war against Ukraine immediately, yet shows no intention of doing so.

The address underscored a stark condemnation of Russia's ongoing military actions in Ukraine.

America's Unwavering Support

Brucker reiterated America’s commitment to supporting Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

The U.S. continues to stand with Ukraine, providing not only military support but also backing initiatives aimed at alleviating the profound human impact of the conflict, particularly on children.

Highlighting the Human Cost

In a poignant part of her speech, Brucker brought attention to the grave toll the war has taken on Ukraine's youngest.

Citing a UNICEF report, she shared a harrowing statistic: over 1,957 Ukrainian children have been killed or injured since 2022.

However, she cautioned, the actual figures could be even higher as this count only includes incidents verified by the UN.

The Plight of Children in Conflict

The plight of children caught in the conflict zones is dire. Many have spent thousands of hours sheltered underground to escape the violence.

"Children living in cities near the frontline have been forced to spend between 3,000 and 5,000 hours sheltering underground, equivalent to four to seven months in a basement, bunker, or a hole in the ground," Brucker highlighted.

In response to these distressing circumstances, Brucker noted the United States' support for the OSCE Support Program for Ukraine, focusing specifically on projects that address the psychosocial needs of children affected by the war.

This initiative is part of a broader commitment by the U.S. to work with Ukraine and other international partners to ensure that those suffering in Ukraine receive the necessary support.

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