Ukraine Receives Unexpected Details from Russian Soldiers' Conversations - Pointing to February 24

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.04 - 2024 7:23 PM CET

Photo: President's Office
Photo: President's Office
Ukraine Receives Unexpected Details from Russian Soldiers' Conversations.

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Ukrainian authorities have accessed phone calls among Russian soldiers amidst the ongoing clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces across several Ukrainian cities. Intelligence efforts are being made by both sides to gather information about the other.

Recent interceptions of these calls by Ukrainian authorities have brought to light surprising details, as reported by Kyiv Post.

"There are rumors"

In one such intercepted call, a Russian soldier discusses the challenges at the war front with a friend and unexpectedly mentions that the war could end sooner than anticipated.

“There are rumors that we might be going home earlier, that everything will last until February 24, and that’s it,” he stated.

Two years ago

It was on February 24, two years ago, that Russia initiated its large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

In discussing the potential early end of the war, the soldier also mentioned the dire situation at the front.

“They’ve been lying there for over a month. The foxes gnaw and eat up the boys,” he said, referring to the dead Russian bodies on the battlefield.

Journalists Arrested

In Moscow, a dozen journalists were arrested while covering protests organized by the wives of mobilized Russian men. The protests are part of a growing movement of women in Russia expressing their frustration and demanding the return of their sons and husbands from the war, as reported by CNN.

Agreement Reached

Meanwhile, intense fighting continues in eastern and southern Ukraine.

The EU has agreed on a new support package for Ukraine worth approximately 50 billion euros, a much-awaited announcement for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“We have an agreement. All the leaders agreed on an additional support package of 50 billion euros for Ukraine within the EU's budget,” EU leader Charles Michel highlighted via X.

This development comes as unexpected insights from the conversations of Russian soldiers hint at a possible conclusion to the conflict, drawing attention to the specific date of February 24, and as international support for Ukraine continues to solidify.