Ukraine's Draft Law Aims to Replace 330,000 Soldiers at the Front

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.13 - 2024 9:25 AM CET

Ukraine plans to introduce a draft law aiming to recruit up to 500,000 volunteers.

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Ukraine is set to introduce a new draft law on mobilization to replenish its military forces, with plans to replace 330,000 personnel currently stationed at the front lines, as reported by the Financial Times.

The proposed legislation aims to recruit up to 500,000 individuals, primarily to facilitate the rotation of troops engaged in battle. Additional recruits will address military losses and other army needs as dictated by battlefield conditions, according to Ukraine's Ministry of Defense.

The draft law, expected to be voted on in the Verkhovna Rada by March 31, comes in response to a depletion of volunteers willing to join the fight against Russia following the 2022 invasion. Currently, a significant portion of draft-eligible men are avoiding

With over 11 million men aged 25 to 60 in Ukraine, only 3.7 million are considered eligible for mobilization, as the remainder are either already serving, abroad, or have deferment rights.mobilization.

President Volodymyr Zelensky previously indicated the military's request for an additional 450-500 thousand recruits, which would cost the budget 500 billion UAH. However, in January, he noted that mobilizing half a million people might not be necessary.

The new mobilization bill, registered on January 30, introduces several changes, including the use of electronic notices for conscription and lowering the conscription age to 25 years. It also sets a 36-month term for demobilization, introduces voluntary mobilization for convicts, implements restrictions for draft evaders, and mandates military training for public service positions.

After passing the first reading on February 7, with over 4,000 amendments submitted by legislators, the bill is currently under review by the Committee on National Security. It is expected to undergo a second reading in the Verkhovna Rada by the end of March.

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