Ukrainian Commander describes brutal battles at Dnipro River

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.17 - 2023 10:45 AM CET


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In a recent interview with Svenska Dagbladet, Ukrainian commander Alex Gorgang, freshly returned from the front lines in Eastern Ukraine, shared his experiences of intense conflict with Russian forces.

Gorgang highlighted the significant struggles faced by Ukrainian soldiers, especially during their mid-October crossing of the Dnipro River, which he described as "a very bloody battle."

Despite facing brutal opposition, Gorgang remains optimistic about the Ukrainian counteroffensive near the strategically important Dnipro River.

The Ukrainian forces' successful crossing and establishment of a foothold on the opposite bank of the river mark a critical phase in their operations, setting the stage for further advancement eastward towards the Crimean Peninsula.

"This is a step in our counteroffensive. A very important step, which perhaps some did not expect," Gorgang stated. He emphasized the determination and readiness of Ukrainian soldiers to fight to the death if necessary, underscoring their commitment to the ongoing conflict.

The commander's insights offer a glimpse into the frontline realities of the war in Ukraine, highlighting both the challenges and the resilience of the Ukrainian military in their fight against Russian aggression.

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