Ukrainian Forces Destroy Russian Ammunition Depot in Luhansk Near Russian Border

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.14 - 2024 10:41 AM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
Ukrainian forces obliterate Russian ammunition depot near the Luhansk border.

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The Ukrainian Defense Forces have struck a Russian ammunition depot in the Luhansk region, causing a massive fire and powerful explosions, as evidenced by videos shared by eyewitnesses on social media.

According to Ukrainian Militarnyi, The intense detonation occurred near the occupied city of Sorokyne (formerly Krasnodon) in the Luhansk region, close to the Russian border.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces targeted this significant Russian facility using long-range weapons, given that the occupied city is approximately 130 kilometers from the front line.

Although the exact type of weapon used is currently unknown, it is speculated that the strike involved either Storm Shadow/SCALP EG cruise missiles or ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles.

This is not the first attack on Russian rear positions in occupied Luhansk recently. On the evening of May 10, an oil depot in the occupied town of Rovenky was struck, reportedly using long-range ATACMS missiles.

Occupying forces shared photos from the site showing what appeared to be M74 submunitions, which are part of the ATACMS cluster warhead.

Earlier, on the evening of May 7, an oil depot also caught fire in the temporarily occupied city of Luhansk.

Eyewitnesses posted photos and videos of the blaze, which was likely caused by a strike.

Previously, the Ukrainian Armed Forces also inflicted damage on a concentration of enemy personnel near the village of Rohove in the Luhansk region.

Drone footage showed a large gathering of enemy troops being hit by three cluster warhead missiles.

The area of impact and the number of submunitions used were significantly greater than those of the GMLRS, indicating that the strike was likely carried out with U.S.-made ATACMS ballistic missiles.

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