US Analyst Predicts Russian Offensive Will Push Ukraine Toward Realistic Negotiations

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.18 - 2024 10:03 AM CET

Military analyst Scott Ritter suggests that continued Russian military advances could force Ukraine into adopting a more pragmatic stance in peace talks with Moscow.

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U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer turned military analyst, Scott Ritter, has made a bold prediction regarding the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Ritter stated that Russia's military advances might compel Ukraine to take a more realistic approach to negotiations with Moscow.

Russian Offensives as a Game Changer

Ritter emphasized that the success of Russian forces in key regions such as Kharkiv, Donbas, and Zaporizhzhia could significantly alter Ukraine’s stance.

"If Russia can sustain these grueling offensive operations, we will see that the Ukrainian armed forces will have no choice but to face collapse. They simply won't have any other option; resistance will no longer be feasible," Ritter remarked.

The retired intelligence officer underscored that the ultimate decision on peace negotiations lies with Moscow.

He pointed out that the matter is deeply political, suggesting that Ukraine's willingness to engage in dialogue will hinge on Russia’s continued military pressure.

Previously, Ritter had asserted that Russia was on the verge of achieving its goal of demilitarizing Ukraine, claiming that Moscow's strategic upper hand is a decisive factor in the conflict.

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