Video of russian soldiers reloading a tank goes viral: What on Earth are they doing?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.11 - 2023 2:45 PM CET

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What on Earth are they doing?

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A video circulating online has raised eyebrows about the competency of Russian soldiers, particularly when it comes to basic tasks like loading weapons.

The footage shows soldiers attempting to load a BM-21 Grad launcher, but their methods are far from standard military procedure.

The video, which has gone viral, captures Russian soldiers struggling to load rockets into a BM-21 Grad launcher. They first miscalculate the size of the rockets and then resort to using a crowbar to forcefully jam the warheads into the launcher. All of this is done amid laughter from the soldiers, making the scene appear almost comical.

Amusement and concern

Anton Heraszczenko, an advisor to the head of Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs, shared the video on his Twitter channel, commenting that this is the "second largest army in the world." Internet users echoed his amusement but also expressed concerns.

Comments under the video pointed out the risks involved in such careless handling of weapons, noting that the soldiers were putting themselves in significant danger.

While the soldiers in the video may find their actions amusing, the reality is far more serious. Their improper loading techniques could lead to catastrophic explosions. Additionally, a launcher loaded in such a manner is unlikely to function properly, rendering it essentially useless in combat.

The lack of expertise among Russian soldiers could potentially hinder their military effectiveness.

Watch the funny video below

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