Zoya Konovalova, Chief of Putin's Propaganda Channel, Found Dead at 48

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.09 - 2024 9:04 PM CET

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot
Zoya Konovalova, Chief of Putin's Propaganda Channel, Found Dead at 48.

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Zoya Konovalova, aged 48, known as the head of a propaganda channel linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin, was found dead in her home.

The circumstances surrounding her death have raised questions, given her prominent role in the media landscape connected to the Russian government.

Konovalova has been a notable figure in Russian media, particularly in channels that are known to disseminate information favoring the Kremlin's viewpoints. Her involvement in these channels had made her a significant part of the state's media apparatus.

The discovery of her death in her residence has prompted an investigation, as officials seek to determine the cause. Given her high-profile position and the sensitive nature of her work, the incident has attracted considerable attention both within Russia and internationally.

This development comes amidst a complex backdrop of media control and propaganda within Russia, where the government heavily influences public information. Konovalova's role in this system had been crucial, and her sudden death adds a layer of intrigue and speculation about the internal workings of state-controlled media in Russia.

Further details are awaited as authorities continue their investigation, and the media community reacts to the loss of one of its prominent figures.

Discovery of Powdery Substance

According to BNNBreaking.com, there has been a discovery of a plastic bag containing a powdery substance. The substance and its origin are currently unidentified, but may be related to the discovery of Konovalova.

The Russian state-owned RIA Novosti has confirmed the death, but mentioned nothing about the powder or any other mysterious circumstances.