This Puzzle Divides Not Just Animal Lovers: Who is Right?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.18 - 2024 9:14 PM CET

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Photo: Private
Who is Right?

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Puzzles are tasks that require us to exert our minds, but few people want to do it. Many explain it away as a lack of time, but that's just an excuse for something else entirely.

You don't have to be an animal lover to know the correct answer. Do you already know what the correct result is?

Puzzles have been popular for years, and more and more people treat them as their hobby.

Especially famous are not only mathematical but also logical ones. Interestingly, in most of them, you don't need numbers to count.

In the puzzle below, certain numbers are hidden under the heads of a dog and a cat, and you must find them. Ready for the search?

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Why is this puzzle so difficult?

It's well known that everyone tends to count in their way, disregarding rules or mathematical operations.

Then we like to argue with others, proudly presenting our result, which often isn't correct. Our elaborate calculations seem to be for nothing, and worse, we don't see the basic errors in them. Then it's necessary to think about the result again to avoid going in circles. That's why good brain health is so important.

Few people regularly undertake the challenge of logical thinking, explaining it away with tiredness or lack of time. In most cases, this way, we try to deny reality, our laziness, and ignorance. After all, not everyone was a fan of mathematics, which is completely understandable.

Many people still remember this school subject with a shudder, which caused a lot of stress, and even led to many tears.

Difficult Animal Puzzle

The difficulty level of this puzzle is raised due to graphics depicting the heads of a dog and a cat, after summing up which we get the result.

It can be said that to a greater extent, we are looking for numbers first, not the sum, which is why the above puzzle is so difficult.

The dog represents a specific number, as does the cat, and your task is to find them so that the result is correct.

How to Solve the Puzzle?

A little hint at the beginning won't hurt. In the last operation under the question mark, there is the number 13.

With this, you need to find the numbers, as you already have the correct results.

This type of puzzle comes from elementary school, and children solve them quickly without much thought. So what are you pondering over?

The clever ones already have the answer, but not everyone has such a well-trained brain.

You must notice that in the puzzle sometimes one muzzle appears, and other times two, and this has a huge significance.

What is the value of one dog's head?

Yes, it's the number 2. Whereas one cat is 1, and now let's look at the examples. "22 + 1 = 23", "22 + 2 = 24" and "2 + 11 = 13". Is the puzzle as difficult as it seemed at the beginning?

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