Do you own one of these iPhones? Apple has just provided you with a life-saving additional service

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.16 - 2023 11:20 AM CET

Apple has just provided you with a life-saving additional service.

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Apple has recently introduced a life-saving extra service for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 users.

This new feature, Emergency SOS via satellite, allows users to send messages for help when there is no mobile signal available. Initially announced at the end of last year, this technology enables users of the newer iPhones to point their devices towards the sky, locate a satellite, and send messages to emergency services.

This is reported by Den Offentlige.

Originally, Apple confirmed that they would offer two years of free access to this vital service. However, this has now been extended by an additional 12 months. Kaiann Drance, Apple's Vice President of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing, highlighted the significance of this service, citing instances where it has already saved lives around the world, including a man rescued after his car plunged over a 400-foot cliff in Los Angeles and lost hikers found in the Apennines in Italy.

The process of using this service is straightforward. When an iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 loses its usual 4G or 5G mobile connection, a satellite symbol appears at the top of the screen. In an emergency, the option to send an SOS message via satellite pops up. Users then locate a satellite, which is remarkably easy despite their high altitude. Apple has simplified this process with a radar-like icon on the screen, guiding users to a valuable location.

Once linked, a short questionnaire with vital questions, such as the nature of the emergency and if anyone is injured, appears on the screen. This information is instantly transmitted to a team of specialists who collect details including location, medical data, altitude, and even the remaining power in the iPhone. These details are then passed on to the appropriate emergency services.

After the initial message is sent, users can continue to send updates via additional satellite texts. Apple's announcement suggests that it's available to all owners of these models worldwide.

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