The Charging Mistake You're Probably Making: How to Safeguard Your Smartphone

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.30 - 2024 12:51 PM CET

Charging your smartphone might seem straightforward, but a common oversight could be putting your device at risk. Discover the simple step you're likely missing.

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In the routine act of charging our smartphones, many of us unknowingly repeat a mistake that could be compromising the lifespan and functionality of our devices.

This error, highlighted by technology giant Huawei, involves the order in which we connect our charging cables—a detail that, though small, carries significant implications for the health of our smartphones and other battery-powered gadgets.

A Simple Step Overlooked

At first glance, the process of charging a phone seems as easy as plugging it in and waiting for the battery indicator to hit 100%.

Yet, the sequence in which we connect the charger to the phone and the power source is crucial.

A common habit is to attach the cable to the smartphone before plugging the charger into the electrical outlet, but according to Huawei, this method can lead to a myriad of problems including data loss, decreased performance, reduced battery life, unexpected restarts, screen flickering, circuit damage, and more.

The Danger of Surge

The root of these potential issues lies in electrical surges. When the charger is inserted into an outlet, there is a brief moment of voltage spike—a phenomenon that, while lasting only milliseconds, cannot be entirely prevented.

If the charger is already connected to the smartphone at this moment, the resulting surge can transmit directly into the device, possibly causing damage.

Correct Charging Etiquette

To mitigate these risks, Huawei advises a specific charging protocol: always plug the charger into the outlet first, followed by connecting the cable to the smartphone.

This simple rearrangement in the charging process can significantly reduce the likelihood of surge-related damage, safeguarding your device's longevity and performance.

By adjusting our charging habits, we can better protect our valuable devices from unseen hazards, ensuring their continued efficiency and reliability.

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