Apple's shipping snafu: Customer receives 60 iPhones instead of four

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.08 - 2023 6:58 PM CET

Photo: TikTok/ Legends_Gio
Photo: TikTok/ Legends_Gio
Customer receives 60 iPhones instead of four.

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In an extraordinary mix-up by Apple, a customer who ordered just four iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphones ended up with a windfall of 60 of the devices.

Giovanni Petruzziello, a TikTok user, documented his unexpected haul, which should have been a modest order of one 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max for personal use and three additional 256GB models for his staff, placed in September.

The delivery, which arrived on November 1, was far from what Petruzziello anticipated.

Instead of the four iPhones he ordered, he found himself in possession of 60 high-capacity 1TB models.

The unboxing video, which gained attention after being highlighted by The Daily Dot, shows Petruzziello unveiling three boxes, each packed with 20 iPhones.

Error worth $100.000

The error represents an approximate $100,000 oversight by the tech giant, not accounting for tax implications.

In the video, Petruzziello expressed his concern about the repercussions of sharing the incident online, as Apple would likely be on the lookout for their missing inventory.

The viral nature of the video has prompted many viewers to advise Petruzziello to return the surplus devices, suggesting Apple would have taken note of the error by now.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is part of Apple's latest flagship series, introduced at the 2023 September Apple Event, featuring enhancements such as a titanium build, advanced 5x optical zoom, and the new A17 Pro chip.

Watch Gio's video below. If the embed doesn't show, please follow the link.

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