British tourist shocked by Germany's take on a Full English Breakfast

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.02 - 2023 1:07 PM CET

Photo: Reddit/
Photo: Reddit/
British tourist chocked by Germanys take on a Full English Breakfast

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A British tourist's recent culinary experience in Berlin has left him utterly baffled, sparking a debate about what truly constitutes a "full English breakfast."

The man was shocked to find that the German capital's version of the iconic British meal was far from what he expected.

While on holiday in Berlin, the British man decided to indulge in a full English breakfast at a local café.

However, he was taken aback when the plate arrived, featuring an array of items that would never make the cut in a traditional English fry-up. The plate included a boiled egg, a slice of ham, and even a side of fruit—ingredients that are far removed from the classic components of sausage, bacon, fried egg, grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, black pudding, and toast.

The tourist took to social media to share his astonishment, posting a photo of the Berlin breakfast with the caption, "Is this what they call a full English in Berlin? I'm speechless."

Photo: Reddit

The post quickly went viral, garnering a mix of amusement and outrage from fellow Brits.

Many commenters were quick to express their disbelief, with one stating, "That's not a full English; that's a continental breakfast with an identity crisis!" Another added, "A boiled egg? In a full English? That's sacrilege!"

The incident has reignited the debate over what should be included in a full English breakfast, a topic that recently made headlines when the English Breakfast Society declared that hash browns have no place in the traditional meal. The Society, which aims to preserve the integrity of the classic British dish, has yet to comment on the Berlin café's unconventional offering.

While the ingredients of a full English breakfast may vary depending on the region, the British tourist's experience in Berlin serves as a reminder that the iconic meal's reputation extends far beyond the UK's borders—even if the interpretations can sometimes be a bit off the mark.

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