Father teaches daughter something that melts hearts worldwide

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.23 - 2023 10:29 AM CET

Photo: TikTok @cayleywilders
Photo: TikTok @cayleywilders
Father teaches daughter something that melts hearts worldwide.

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In a video that has been shared around the world, a father and daughter can be seen in their garden. There's a special reason for this, and in this video, you'll find out exactly why.

The moment between the father and daughter instantly melted Cayley Wilders' heart from Kent, England. But she wasn't the only one; millions of others felt the same way. The mother captured this wonderful moment and posted it on TikTok a few days ago.

Since then, this viral hit has garnered over seven million views. In the clip, you can see father Connor practicing jumping with his daughter Arabella. Yes, you read that right: the British father is jumping in front of the little girl to show her how to do it properly.

The reason is that childcare is important in the United Kingdom. Children are regularly tested for skills such as language, social skills, hearing, vision, and motor skills like jumping.

Just before one of these assessments, Arabella was having some trouble with the latter. "When I told my husband that jumping was the only thing she couldn't do, he wanted to see for himself and went out into the garden with her to practice," Cayley said in an interview with Newsweek.

The mother was truly touched: "I was working from home, and I heard them in the garden, so I looked out and saw them jumping together. I was proud and happy that they both were mine."

In the meantime, two-year-old Arabella has passed her big day: "The training with my husband really worked, and now she can jump, and she was very excited when we asked her to show us," said Cayley.

Not only her parents but also the health consultant was impressed by the child's jumping skills.

Moreover, the TikTok audience spared neither likes nor heart emojis.

"I think we should appreciate and recognize fathers more, as they don't get enough of it," the mother concluded.

Watch the heartwarming video below

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