Kim warns others: If you discover a rubber band on your door handle, do not touch it

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.06 - 2023 12:54 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Do not touch it.

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Home is where we feel safest, a sanctuary where our privacy should never be compromised. While many people install surveillance cameras to protect their property, inventive burglars still find ways to break in.

Kim Fleming, a resident of Texas, recently shared a disturbing experience to warn others of a new burglary tactic.

One evening, while Kim was home alone, she heard knocking on her door. The knocking grew increasingly aggressive, but since she wasn't expecting any visitors, she chose not to answer. As the knocking persisted and became more forceful, Kim began to feel uneasy and decided to wait before investigating further.

After some time, when it seemed like the person had left, Kim cautiously approached the door and discovered a rubber band wrapped around the door handle. Confused and concerned about what this could mean, she immediately contacted the police to report the incident.

Upon arrival, the police explained that similar incidents had been reported in the area. They further elaborated that burglars use this method to gain entry into homes. When a homeowner opens the door, the rubber band holds the latch in place, making it easier for the criminal to force their way in. The latch held by the rubber band prevents the homeowner from closing and locking the door again.

To protect your home from this type of threat, it's advised to exercise caution and refrain from opening the door if you're not expecting visitors.

See in the video below how it looks:

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