Martin and his girlfriend live in an ordinary truck - But there's nothing ordinary about the inside

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.09 - 2023 10:50 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Wait until you see the inside.

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Martin and Iona, a young couple, have transformed a simple truck into a genuine dream home. Martin, who had been living in a van for several years, decided it was time to move in with his girlfriend, Iona.

In an unorthodox fashion, the couple chose to purchase a canary-yellow truck for approximately $4,500, which would serve as the foundation for their new, shared home.

The project, which required a great deal of dedication from both Martin and Iona, was documented on Iona's Facebook page. The end result was nothing short of incredible.

The budget

Overall, the couple spent just over $22,500 on the entire project, which is considered quite affordable for such an impressive home. They invested in insulation materials, flooring, furniture, a kitchen, and a bathroom to complete their new living space.

Inside the truck, there's a raised sleeping area with a double bed, a wardrobe, a toilet, a shower, and a kitchen—essentially everything any other home would have.

All rooms can be separated by sliding doors, offering them flexibility and privacy.

The old canary-yellow truck has now been transformed into a modern gray camper van that stands out on the road. Currently, Martin and Iona are touring around France, enjoying the freedom and comfort of their incredible home on wheels.

Watch their magnificent home in the video below

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