Twins experience synchronized motherhood in the same hospital

Written by Emil Martesen

Aug.28 - 2023 1:21 PM CET

Photo: 9News
Photo: 9News
Twins experience synchronized motherhood in the same hospital

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Identical twins Gillianne Gogas and Nicole Patrikakos have always been in sync, but no one could have predicted that they would give birth on the same day, in the same hospital.

The twins' journey to motherhood began when they found out they were pregnant around the same time.

The coincidence reached its peak when both sisters delivered their sons at Epworth Freemasons hospital in east Melbourne.

Gillianne welcomed her son into the world on August 22 at 1:20 pm, and just five hours later, Nicole's son was born.

"You can't plan something like this. It's a mix of disbelief, shock, and excitement," Gillianne told 9News.

The sisters have always been close and have done everything together, so this event was just another example of their inseparable bond.

Adding to the extraordinary circumstances, both babies were delivered by the same obstetrician, Dr. Joseph Sgroi. He mentioned that it's not common for even sisters to give birth at the same time or on the same day.

Interestingly, both boys weighed exactly 3.5 kilograms at birth. Dr. Sgroi noted that the infants are more like biological brothers than cousins due to the shared DNA.

The sisters are looking forward to celebrating their sons' birthdays together every year.

"Hopefully, they will be as close as we are because it's a special bond that we have," Nicole said.

This isn't the first time the world has witnessed the incredible synchronicity between twins. WWE champions Nikki and Brie Bella also gave birth to baby boys just a day apart.

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