28-year-old politician expelled from party for relationship with 15-year-old girl

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.19 - 2023 10:15 AM CET

Photo: Folketinget / Shutterstock.com
Photo: Folketinget / Shutterstock.com
28-year-old politician expelled from party for relationship with 15-year-old girl.

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A Danish politician, Mike Villa Fonseca, a member of the ruling Moderates party, has been expelled from his party following revelations of a relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

28-year-old Fonseca, who has served as the party's culture and interior spokesperson, announced he would take a leave of absence and not return to the party, becoming an independent member upon his return.

The relationship, which began while the girl was in 8th grade, has been deemed within legal boundaries by Fonseca, but it violates the party's code of conduct. Lars Løkke Rasmussen, the leader of the Moderates and former Prime Minister, expressed his shock over the situation and personally informed Fonseca of his expulsion.

This incident marks another setback for the Moderates, following the departure of Jon Stephensen, another member who left the party after a controversy involving messages sent to a 19-year-old female party member.

Fonseca's future in politics remains uncertain. He has opened the possibility of joining other parties, but major parties like the Social Democrats, Liberal Alliance, and Venstre have categorically rejected the idea of welcoming him.

Parental consent for relationship

The parents of the 15-year-old girl have confirmed their consent and support for the relationship. In an interview with Ekstra Bladet, where the parents were anonymized, they expressed trust in both their daughter and Fonseca.

They also mentioned that the politician is a friend of the family, and that's how they met.

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