Eight Foreign Ministers Ask the EU to Ban Russian Diplomats

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.13 - 2024 1:51 PM CET

Foto: Shutterstock
Foto: Shutterstock
The Suggestion is Gaining Momentum.

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EU should restrict the movement of Russian diplomats

The foreign ministers of the European Union, including Romania's representative, have urged the EU to impose restrictions on the movement of Russian diplomats within the bloc. They propose limiting their travel to countries where they are accredited, citing concerns over potential misuse of free movement rights. The ministers highlighted ongoing issues with Russian diplomats engaging in activities deemed detrimental to EU interests, such as intelligence operations, propaganda, and possible sabotage efforts. Despite previous expulsions of diplomats, they emphasized the persistent nature of these threats.

The ministers emphasized the importance of reciprocity in diplomatic relations, suggesting that the EU should restrict the movement of Russian diplomatic personnel and their families strictly to the territories where they are officially recognized. They argued that implementing such measures would effectively curtail the operational capabilities of Russian intelligence agents within the EU.

Gaining momentum

According to hotnews this initiative follows earlier efforts by Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský, who announced plans to propose tighter controls on Russian diplomat movements within the Schengen Area. Lipavský's stance gained momentum after the arrest of two Russian agents in Germany on espionage charges, underscoring concerns about the activities of Russian intelligence services across Europe.

While these proposals reflect a growing consensus among several EU member states, previous attempts to enforce similar restrictions have not garnered unanimous support within the Schengen Zone.