Trump shares video of 'him' hitting Joe Biden with a golf ball

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.16 - 2023 6:57 PM CET

Photo: Truth Social
Photo: Truth Social
Trump shares video of 'him' hitting Joe Biden with a golf ball.

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In a move that has raised eyebrows, former U.S. President Donald Trump recently took to social media to share a manipulated video. The clip shows Donald Trump taking a swing at a golf ball, and shortly afterward, you see President Joe Biden being 'hit' by that golf ball.

The video, which is clearly a spoof, has generated a lot of attention and debate. It shows Trump on a golf course, taking a swing. The ball then appears to hit Biden, who is shown climbing the stairs of Air Force One. The video has been edited to make it look like the golf ball causes Biden to stumble and fall.

The post has received a mixed response from the public and has been criticized for promoting violence against the current President. While some find it amusing, others question the appropriateness of a former President sharing such content.

Watch the video here

Donald Trump is known for his love of golf and has often used social media platforms to express his views, sometimes controversially. This recent post combines both elements in a way that has sparked conversations about the limits of humor and political discourse.

The sharing of this video comes at a time when the U.S. is grappling with political divisions and questions about the role of social media in public life. It adds another layer to ongoing discussions about the boundaries of acceptable behavior for public figures.

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